Frezno Dance Classic

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By all measurable standards - I've concluded that the FreZno event was again, a very special success this year for the 650+ dancers that attended. It is highly rewarding as well as reassuring to read so many warm messages of praise on the event Facebook pages - and I'm grateful to each and every one of you who took the time to send a note. I wish to thank my staff - some who worked very long hours unselfishly - purely to serve the needs of all those who attended. I wish to thank the instructors who created unique classes for the event (I ask them to do this each year). To the few who worked behind the scenes without recognition to make registrations and contest administration seamless and timely for everyone - a very special thank you. And to the many 'first-timers' who have now witnessed first hand, the unique nature of our dance celebration - thank you for coming. And lastly - to EVERYONE who came through our doors in pursuit of joy, friendship, and great dancing (whether competitive or social dance) - I sincerely thank you for spending your weekend with us and helping to make the event so incredibly special in so many ways.
You can click on the awards link for complete reports, and you can click on the Facebook link to read the comments about the event. A "FreZno 28 Highlights" DVD is available from Experience Media - click on their link below to obtain information. Photos taken by our resident photographer, Jim Woods may be viewed and ordered from his web site.
On behalf of all the staff of the FreZno event - we wish you a wonderful year of dance......and extend a warm invitation to come back again next year - when we present........get ready for it............."FreZno 29 - The MuZical". Anything to do with music - from Broadway to Hollywood movies, Rock & Roll to Bandstand - if it's's FreZno next year, 2013! sz


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Steve Zener is now enjoying the great success of the 28th Annual FreZno Dance Classic event which was another special celebration of life, friendship, music and dance. He takes great pleasure in producing high-quality, all inclusive events to enthusiastic social and competitive dancers who enjoy country and swing dancing. Dance Competitions are in affiliation with the United Country Western Dance Council, the 2012 AANCE Tour, the World Swing Dance Council and the Masters Solos National Swing Dance Championships. On these pages you'll find a wealth of information about dance events past, present, and future. We welcome everyone and hope to see you next year on Memorial Holiday Weekend, May 23rd-27th, 2013. Our PARTY THEME for Saturday night in 2013 - "FreZno 29 - The MuZical".

Class of 2012

Photo by Jim "Woody" Woods
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